Custom Facebook Pages

Your potential clients respond to visual stimulus.  The better the visuals, the more the stimulus.

Part I of our customized Facebook Page Design is creating eye-popping visual ads that are placed strategically within your company’s Facebook page.  These are known in the advertising industry as “call-outs“.  They send clear messages with a specific purpose, typically to entice or inform.  We use them to help dictate what visitors learn and do when they visit your Facebook page.

When potential customers visit your Facebook page they have come there with a purpose.  They are either curious  to learn about your brand/product, or are interested in interacting with it in some fashion.  The call out helps to give signposts to guide them in achieving their purpose.

Part II is about content.  If you are lucky enough to have a visitor who wants to spend time reading through your content, it is important that your Facebook page contains informative, well-written copy that will help make your brand more memorable.

When you work in social media campaigns the goal is to tell a story; the hard part of campaigning is to get people to read what you are writing so when they actually do you want to make sure you’ve got something worthwhile and effective.

Part III is about cross-promotion.  We will help consult with you to find the most appropriate ways to integrate advertisements for your Facebook page on the advertising modes you are already using.

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