How Landing Pages Should Be Used To Increase Profits

The most important controllable factor in your online advertising campaign is your conversion rate.  You price-per-click is mostly determined by the market and is therefore almost a constant, so if you want to increase your profits from online lead generation you have to do it through your conversion rates.  One of the most important adjustable elements to improve conversion rates is the landing page.

Here are 5 of the top 10 principals we apply in order to create effective online marketing campaigns for our clients –

1.) Unclear Call-To-Action – If your customer cannot clearly identify within the first 3 seconds, they are not likely to do it.
2.) Too Much Text – Don’t get carried away selling your visitors with copy.  Present a succinct, clear case and let them make a decision.
3.) Long Forms – Collect only information that is necessary for an informed follow-up
4.) Distractions – The whole reason for creating a landing page is to focus the visitor on what it is you want them to do.  Don’t send competing messages
5.) Not Paying-Off – You need to deliver on the expectations you set in the ads that bring visitors to your site.  Keep them on a plain path.

Combining the right elements are a big part of the game, but there is no real cheat sheet for success that works for every brand.  Ongoing campaigns should always begin with multiple variable testing to determine which elements (and in which combination) should be included on a landing page to create the most productive landing page design possible for conversions and profits.

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