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CEO/Consultant – John Marlow

John Marlow has spent 9 years in the interactive advertising field.  Getting his start creating and managing online lead generation campaigns using a variety of affiliate websites and SEM campaigns, John had a consistent knack for deconstructing the lead generation models from lead selling companies and reconstructing them in-house.  The results were immediately felt.  The leads that were generate cost 1/3 of the price and were highly targeted/relevant.

Continuing the reconstructionist experiment, John brought on a team of interns to breakdown and re-construct a SEO campaign using the best practices being touted and discussed on the web.  The result of this project was a network of optimized sites that consistently ranked on page 1 in a highly competitive ‘Chicago Neighborhoods‘ keyword battleground.  Included in this strategy were social media components of blogging, Twitter, and business reviews that helped not only with keywords, but also with the engagement level found on the sites.

In 2008, John left his position to pursue a purely advertising-based career at an interactive marketing agency.  At this new agency, he worked in business development and pioneered the creation of a social media division.  Based on the mentoring he received from a couple key thought leaders in social media, he designed social media based marketing campaigns that required minimal advertising spending to support.  In 2009, after seeing the tangible results created from the first couple projects, John started up his own private consulting agency – known now as Maven Mktg – to be able to expand his reach beyond the agency’s client base and to open up collaboration opportunies with outside agencies.

Contact John at info@mavenmktg.com or by phone at 773/314-3020 to setup a time to discuss your interactive needs.

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